Todo app is a todo app made with MERN stack (Yeah, I should have worked more on giving a better name 😅). This is my first full-stack app after learning Node/Express and MongoDB. There is still much to learn, but I took the step forward, rest is coming!

Project has; React, Node/Express, MongoDB, Jest, JWT. I tried to keep the front-end as simple and beautiful as possible. After all, even todo apps deserve a pretty UI. And backend, I implemented most of the topics I have learned in my Node course. It has a REST API, with JWT tokens and testing. User needs tokens to manage the account and todos. About testing, I will add tests for frontend as well, after learning them.

This is the most comprehensive app I've made so far.

Users can;

  • Sign in/sign up, update and delete their accounts
  • Add/update/delete todos
  • If user is not signed in/up, he/she can still add/update/delete todos. Those added todos will be saved in localstorage. Then if user decides to sign in/up to the app, those todos will be saved to his/her account.






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