React Times

React Times is a finance / news app made with MERN Stack, NYTimes API and FinancialModelingPrep API.

Project has; React (Hooks), Redux (Hooks), D3.js, Express, Node, MongoDB, Multer, Styled-Components, Jest, Enzyme, and SendGrid.

My first finance app with ReactMarkets needed an upgrade and I upgraded it with D3.js, Redux and NYTimes API.

React Times is my third MERN Stack app, with cleaner design and more modern approach than ReactMarkets. After learning Redux and D3.js, I immediately knew that I needed to apply these to a new project and new version of ReactMarkets was the best candidate for it; historical price charts, large application, state management. I also made a RestAPI for the project which can be found here.

As with my previous projects, I made the logo and favicon myself, in AdobeXD. I wanted logo to look similar with the NYTimes logo.

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